Fence Purchase Process Facts

A fence is an important investment for all home and business owners. At D & M Fencing, our objective is to provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision about your fence. Before you purchase your fence, we recommend you read the following steps to understand as much as possible about our process.

Initial Inquiry: Call, email, or fill out our online quote form. We'll collect your contact information, answer any questions you may have, and help you narrow down your fence’s details.

Sales Estimate: We will schedule an appointment to meet with you. A member of our sales staff will review and measure your yard and help you select the type and style of the fence that would best suit your needs. In most cases, you will receive a written proposal within 1-3 days.

Sales Contract: When you are ready to proceed, you may sign the contract and submit it to us with the appropriate deposit.

Installation: Once the contract is signed, we will order any necessary materials and contact you to schedule an installation date. Scheduling back-logs usually range from 1-2 weeks during the winter and 2-3 weeks during the summer. We ask that you be available for approximately 15-30 minutes on the first day of the installation for one final review of the layout of your fence and final gate placements. A typical residential installation will be completed in 1-5 days.

Completion: Once the fence is installed, we will review the job with you to ensure that the finished product meets your satisfaction. We will then submit an invoice to you for the balance that is due. Please give the install foreman cash or check for the appropriate amount at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge sales tax?
No. Since we pay sales tax on the materials for your fence, we are not required to charge tax to the customer for installing the fence.

What areas do you work in?
You will find our work throughout the Big Country. We generally stay within Taylor County, but will usually travel within a 35-mile radius of Abilene, TX. These are not definite boundaries, so feel free to call if you live outside of this area.

Do you use concrete when setting posts?
Yes. All of our fences are set in concrete. The hole is dug 2-3’ deep (depending on fence type) and dug wider or "belled" out at the bottom. The top of the hole can either be back-filled with dirt or have concrete filled to the top, to help prevent wood-rot. Proper installation of posts is critical to a fence installation.

Is there a long wait to have my job installed, and how long will it take once you get started?
Our waiting list for installations will vary throughout the year. The summer months are the busiest, which means a longer wait time. A good estimate is 1-2 weeks in the winter and 2-3 weeks in the summer, but your estimator will have a better time frame for you. The timespan of a job is usually 1-5 days. For wood fences, we prefer to set posts on the first day, then let the concrete harden for at least 24 hours before we come back to finish the job.

Should I paint or stain my wood fence?
We recommend applying a protective finish to the fence after it’s installed. This helps to minimize the effects of weathering and to maximize the fence’s lifespan. Be sure to reapply every 4-5 years, or as needed.

What type of residential gates are available?
For residential applications, single walkthrough gates are generally used for people to pass through, although they can be made up to 12' wide and are the same height as the fence.

Should I put my new fence on the property line?
If both neighbors are paying for the fence together and agree on the fence line, then it may be put on the property line. If you were paying for the fence by yourself, then we recommend installing the fence on your side of the property line. 
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